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Salmon Boas By Rich Ihle
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The Journal of Heredity - Click here for Salmon Boa article

Journal of Heredity
ARTICLE: "Brief Communications" May 2000 (PDF)
Salmon: A new autosomal mutation demonstrating incomplete dominance in the Boine Boa Constrictor.

R.N. Ihle, G.W. Schuett and K.A. Hughes

Reptiles Magazine - The Salmon Boa Project

Reptiles Magazine
ARTICLE: "The Salmon Boa Project" December 2002 (HTML)
From a single pet boa to breeding salmon morphs — 40 years in the making.

R.N. Ihle

The Zoological Society of London
ARTICLE: "Does prey size induce head skeleton phenotypic plasticity during early ontogeny in the snake Boa constrictor?" 2005 (PDF)
Diet was manipulated in juveniles of the snake Boa constrictor (Serpentes: Boidae) to test the hypothesis of whether prey size induces phenotypic plasticity of the head skeleton.

Gordon W. Schuett, David L. Hardy Sr, Ryan L. Earley, and Harry W. Greene



Natuaral History and Conservation of Island Boas (Boa constrictor) In Belize (PDF) by Scott M. Boback

A Philogentic Study of the Emerald Tree Boa (Corallus Caninus) by Nicolas Vidal, Robert W. Henderson, Anne-Sophie Delmas, and S. Blair Hedges

Complete Mitochondrial DNA Sequences of Six Snakes: Phylogenetic Relationships and Molecular Evolution of Genomic Features by Songyu Dong and Yoshinori Kumazawa

Intrapopulation variation in life history traits of Boa constrictor occidentalis in Argentina by Margarita Chiaraviglio, Miguel Bertona, Mariano Sironi, and Sergio Lucino

Reproductive Biology, Mating Aggregations, and Sexual Dimorphism of the Argentine Boa Constrictor (Boa constrictor occidentalis) by Miguel Bertona and Margarita Chiaraviglio

Foraging Behavior, Home Range, Movements and Activity Patterns of Epicrates inornatus (Boidae) at Mata de Pla´tano Reserve in Arecibo, Puerto Rico by Alberto R. Puente-Rolon and Fernando J. Bird-Pico

Spatial Ecology of Puerto Rican Boas (Epicrates inornatus) in a Hurricane Impacted Forest by Joseph M. Wunderle Jr., Javier Mercado, Bernard, Parresol, and Esteban Terranova

How to assess musculature and performance in a constricting snake? A case study in the Colombian rainbow boa (Epicrates cenchria maurus) by Olivier Lourdais, Francois Brischoux, and Laurent Barantin

Ticks parasitizing reptiles in the Bahamas by L. A. Durden and C.R. Knapp

Adaptive maternal cannibalism in snakes (Epicrates cenchria maurus, Boidae) by Olivier lourdais, Francois Brischoux, Richard Shine, and Xavier Bonnet



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