Salmon Boas by Rich Ihle


In the later 90's Rich Ihle bred two normal Columbians and produced a beautiful litter of really nice boas that were incredibly pink, except for 2. Those 2 were dark and aberrant with what some would call a ladder tail. They were totally different looking animals. He kept the 2 aberrant girls and several of the pinkest girls. We started referring to the pink ones as the “PC” girls. A number of years ago, when Mike from Basically Boas was helping with photos Rich gave him one of the aberrant girls. Mike named her Aby, and further developed that look referred to as the “Aby group”. He has produced some incredible animals. Rich bred the “PC” girls into the Salmon line and they produced some very beautiful boas that we refer to as “PC” Salmons.

Wanting to fine tune this look, in 2005' we took a very nice “PC” Salmon male and bred him back to one of the original sisters (a “PC” girl- littermate to Mikes “Aby”) thinking that we would just get a better, pinker Salmon! We were very surprised that almost exactly 25% of the babies exhibited the aberrant look, some normals and some Salmons. 75% were again just very nice “PC” Salmons and normals.

Genetics is a very complex thing! We feel that because there were 2 girls from the first litter and offspring from their sisters showed the look without any out breeding, they are carrying this aberrant trait.

This last season we bred a PC Salmon to an EBV Red Group female and nearly half of the litter exhibits the Aby aberrancies- one with a complete stripe from head to tail! The combination of the color and contrast from the EBV line combined with the pattern aberrancies and color influence of the PC-Aby line has proven to be an awesome combination!



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