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How To Purchase Animals
(Please Read This Information First)

Thank you for your interest in, “Home of the Salmon Boa-the Ultimate in Designer Boa Constrictors!”

Our goal is to provide you with superior Customer Service, as well as, provide your new animals with a seamless transition from our place to yours. The following information will help you to select your boas, transact with us, and then receive your shipment safe and sound.


All animals are guaranteed to be healthy and feeding well. Please verify the sexes of your animals promptly upon receiving them to ensure our accuracy- mistakes rarely occur. If you are not satisfied we will replace any animal for the cost of the return freight if notified within 24 hours of receipt. Payment is required in advance by check, money order, wire transfer, credit card, or PayPal. A 25% non-refundable deposit is recommended to reserve animals. Prices quoted are for individual animals based on their assigned grade, unless noted as pair only. Quantity discounts are occasionally available.

International Shipments

We are familiar with all export procedures and welcome overseas accounts. Effective April 2, 2007, there is a $5000 minimum purchase. In addition, there is a $500 charge for overseas shipments which includes C.I.T.E.S application/permit, packing, freight forwarding, and a health certificate. Shipping fees outside of the U.S. will be in addition to this charge. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to begin the C.I.T.I.E.S application process or hold animals.


All deposits are non-refundable in that they may be used for current or future purchases from


Our ID’s are simple. The year of birth, litter name, litter id, sex, and grade. Using 02_spha.12mK as an example: 02_ (Birth year 2002), "spha" (Name of birth mother), 12 (# in litter), "m" or "f" (Male or Female), A, B, C, or K(Grade).

Pricing/ Grading

The Ihle Scale depends on a simple 5 tier letter system: “C”, “B”, “A”, “K”, and “KK”. The “KK” grade is reserved for the really spectacular Boa’s like Sunglows, Ghosts, and Snows, etc. Typically, these grades are awarded to a litter after the entire litter has shed and eaten 2-3 times. There are four characteristics of each boa to determine its grade: Cleanliness, Color and Contrast, lineage, and overall eye appeal.

Within each grade the price will have a high and a low like $800-1000 for A's. This allows us to be flexible as the animal grows and changes, along with giving us room to discount multiple boa packages.

Occasionally an animal will either gain or lose a grade as it matures. Although it rarely happens, we reserve the right to change “B’s” to “A’s”, or “A’s” to “B’s” when we see an animal that’s growing more spectacular over time. That’s the fun thing about Salmon Boa’s; they grow fast and change rapidly!




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